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Union Uniforms

Frock Coats - Sack Coats - Shell Jackets - Great Coats - Trousers - Shirts - Kepis - Forage Caps
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Here are all the products in this category:
Sky Blue Infantry Great Coat
Federal Officers Trousers
Federal Officers Sack Coat
Civil War Union Cavalry Shell Jacket
Federal Artillery Shell Jacket
Union Enlisted Mans Shell Jacket
Union Uniform Starter Set
Union Sack Coat
Military Vests - Choice of Colors
Sky Blue Mounted Great Coat
Civil War Union Junior Officers Single Breasted Frock Coat
Sr Officers Double Breasted Frock Coat
US Brigadire General Frock Coat
US Infantry Frock Coat
US Sharpshooters Frock Coat
Sky Blue Infantry Trousers
Civil War / SASS Wool Trousers / Choice of Colors
Premium Union Generals Sack Coat
Union NCO / Officers Trousers
Union Major generals Frock Coat
Economy Union Sack Coat Uniform Set
EconomyUnion Shell Jacket Uniform Set
Economy Union Cavalry Uniform Set
Economy Union Artillery Uniform Set
Union Mounted Cavalry Great Coat
...Civil War Union MOUNTED Trousers
^^Civil War Union Cavalry Dragoon Shell Jacket
=Civil War Union Musicians Shell Jacket
Civil War Union Musicians Frock Coat Uniform Set
^^^ Civil War Union Musicians Frock Coat